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Eko Power® Germkill 1053
NSF approved, food grade, a straight additive to caustic CIP | Heat Exchanger Cleaning Chemicals
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Can reduce caustic usage by 25% or more.

Eko Power® Germkill 1053 is an NSF Approved Additive for caustic Plate heat exchanger cleaning chemical which produces an overall formulated caustic detergent at site that gives a complete solution for cleaning, descaling, and reduction in microbial load for CIP applications in the dairy, brewing, ethanol processing and beverage industries. It is a proven formula to descale  high temperature surfaces like, Plate heat exchanger(PHE),Tubeheat exchanger(THE), multi effect evaporator.

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Reduce COD by 20%


Reduce ETP TDS by 40%


Cost reduction upto 50%


Increases heat transfer by 15%

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Eko Power Germkill 1053 is a proprietary formulation of chalets, surfactants, antifoam, and dispersants, which cover up shortcomings of NaOH during CIP. It boosts NaOH cleanability and efficacy by reducing surface tension and helps penetrate the NaOH into the soil surface and increases sensibility.
Simultaneously it chelates Ca++ and Mg++ available in water and Milk (in dairy plants) in CIP solution. These ions reduce NaOH cleaning efficacy and make it ineffective.
Some other surfactant that is added in the GermKill 1053 is dissolved fats in the CIP solution. Dispersing agents keep the removed soils in the solution and avoid them to redeposit on the cleaned surfaces.
A non-foaming formulation can help reduce pump cavitation and increase efficiency.


Cost Analysis before and after using EKO POWER 1053

This cost analysis is actual of a dairy plant. The plant's CIP was manual. the caustic flakes was in used which was dosed manually in caustic CIP tank.

The customer called us for caustic reduction due to recent caustic price increased. However, the first condition was to maintained the current cleaning efficacy.

The plant was using Caustic at 1.5% concentration in CIP for specific time and temperature.

When EKO POWER 1052 was used with caustic , caustic % was reduced to 0.8% and 0.08% EKO POWER 1053 added manually in CIP tank.

43% Saving

Caustic Reduction in CIP

Caustic reduction of 54% not only helps in saving cost, it also has some indirect benefits  like, reducing water after caustic step, COD at ETP and reduction of acid requried to neutralised pH at ETP.

54% Caustic Reduction

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