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Eggs Processing Industry

Egg processing is a huge segment of food processing industry where eggs are processed into various convenient form, for consumption. Eggs are most common reproductive form of different species but their high nutritive value in terms of protein, carbohydrate, lipids, and other minerals has always made it suitable for human consumption.

Processing of eggs vary with the intended use. Egg processing includes processing of whole egg, or separate processing of albumin (egg white), yolk (yellow part). Also type of processing involves freezing, dehydration, spray drying to powder etc. Egg products can be classified into refrigerated liquid product, frozen product, dried and dehydrated product, or speciality product such as pre-cooked products such as egg patties, egg pizza, freeze dried scrambled eggs etc. But with all the nutritive values, come risk contamination, and high susceptibility to microbial spoilage.

To produce safe, high-quality eggs or egg products, you must start with clean equipment and a clean facility. When spoilage and pathogenic microorganisms remain on product contact and noncontact surfaces at the beginning of the processing shift, there is a greater likelihood of product contamination.

Cleaning and disinfection go beyond the process of cleaning between production shifts. There are cleaning tasks that should occur during processing, too. Reducing the occurrence of standing water and pooling egg contents and shells can help limit microbial growth during processing. These are also safety hazards for personnel.

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