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About Us

EcoCare provides customized solutions within the chemicals industry with a focus on hygiene and sanitation. EcoCare prides itself on offering solutions versus commodities.
EcoCare's goal is to partner with its clients in offering green and sustainable chemistry that will address customer challenges, needs, and growth opportunities. We have extensive knowledge within the following sectors: brewing and wineries, dairy, food processing, soft drinks, fresh produce, meat, poultry & kitchen cleaning, and sanitization. EcoCare has well-established relationships with critical International and National Technology partners and these solid relationships enable EcoCare to hold a strong portfolio of technologies that enables it to offer quality, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability to customers’ operations.


"We’re Changing the Way the World Thinks About Cleaning & Hygiene."

We, at EcoCare believe in bringing sustainable solutions to our customers through Niche Technology, rich Industrial experience, and engineering expertise by delivering tailor-made solutions to customer-centric problems in Food, Beverage, and Dairy Industries.

At EcoCare, we are guided daily by the mission statement: “Support customers and people to excel in their field/sector/industry.” Our mission statement is our way of life, and it means that we are delivering operational excellence in every corner of our business, meeting or exceeding our commitments to the many constituencies we serve.


Arvind Verma, Director, EcoCare Pvt Ltd


EcoCare was founded by Arvind Verma with a vision to. bridge the gap between customers and cleaning & Hygiene compliances as per industry requirements by implementing the niche technologies and making them cost-effective solutions. 


With a mission to save cost, we delivered cost-effective solutions to our customers, and saved money, time and our Earth's precious resource - water. 

Working Professionals
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