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  1. Eko Power® Liquid Floor cleaner provides protection to you and your family against illness-causing germs. This disinfectant liquid sanitizes your home and also helps maintain your personal hygiene. It can be used in the bath, laundry, floor, and surface cleaning, leaving everything clean and fresh. This multipurpose disinfectant cleaner for home .. USAGE: Recommended dilutions to protect your family from germs: Bathing - 1 capful to a bucket of water (6-7 litres); Kitchen Slab - 1 capful to a litre of water; Shaving - 1 capful to a litre of water; Floor Cleaning - 1 capful to a liter of water; Laundry - 1 capful to a litre of water in the last rinse; Refrigerator - 1 capful to a litre of water. 

Eko Power® Floor & Surface Cleaner 1.2Kgs Pack of 2 Bottles

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