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A dirty glass surface can be an eyesore. While dust and germs tend to accumulate on glass surfaces, regularly cleaning them can help retain their shine and luster. To keep your windows, appliances, cupboards, and furniture tip-top, the Eko Power® Glass and Surface Cleaner are a must-have among your household cleaning products. Its new powerful formula effortlessly removes hard water stains, accumulated dirt, and other tough stains. Eko Power® Glass Cleaner and Surface Cleaner is an all-around household cleaner that keeps your glass surfaces looking new. It contains vinegar as one of its main ingredients. Vinegar is known for its intense cleansing action that removes dust and makes them spick and span. The surface cleaner provides a streak-free shine and is not too harsh on the skin. Eko Power® Glass Cleaner has a fragrant formula that does not bother your nose. Its convenient trigger helps you spray directly on the stains for maximum effectiveness. It makes cleaning all kinds of glass and generally shiny surfaces as simple as a breeze. Ekopower Glass and surface cleaner, with the power of shine boosters, besides removing dirt, also provides 2 times more shine than regular cleaners. Ekopower glass cleans every surface thoroughly by cutting through all kinds of dirt, oil and grease stains revealing clean and shiny surfaces. Ekopower glass and surface cleaner is perfect for use on glass surfaces, wash basins and toilets, window grills and pipes, taps, bath tubs and showers, fridge, oven, kitchen cabinets, ceramic floors and wall tiles.

Eko Power® Glass Cleaner 500ml Pack of 3 bottles

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