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Food Grade Antifoam for Potato Industry | FSSAI Licensed & Halal Certified | EcoCare Antifoam

Antifoam potatoes

Discover EcoCare food gradeAntifoam, a non-silicon-based, 100% biodegradable solution for the potato industry.

Antifoam PA 536 is a non toxic organic food grade defoamer especially formulated for the production of Potato (Starch, French Fries, Chips & waffers) as well as for sugar production. It performs exceedingly well to control foams in all types of potato washing /slicing / blanching process.

Antifoam PA 536 is a highly effective solution for mitigating foam challenges encountered during various stages of potato processing. This versatile product functions as both an antifoam and defoamer, effectively addressing issues such as impact efficiency, overflow vessels, productivity, and cost. With Antifoam PA 536, you can be assured of a safe and reliable means of optimizing your potato processing operations.

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Welcome to EcoCare Antifoam
Your Trusted Partner in Potato Processing

Food Grade Formula

Our antifoam is specifically formulated for food-grade applications, meeting stringent industry standards for safety and quality.

100% Biodegradable

We prioritize sustainability, and our antifoam is 100% biodegradable, minimizing environmental impact.

Lowest Possible Dosing

With our advanced formulation, you can achieve effective foam control with the lowest possible dosing, maximizing cost-efficiency.

FSSAI & Halal Certified

Rest assured, our products are compliant with FSSAI regulations and Halal certified, meeting the strictest industry standards.

Food grade antifoam


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Unparalleled Technical Support


Our team of experts is dedicated to providing personalized consultations to understand your specific challenges and requirements.

Product Selection

With our deep understanding of the industry, we'll help you select the most suitable Antifoam PA 536 formulation for your potato processing needs.

Implementation Support

We'll guide you through the seamless integration of Antifoam PA 536 into your production process, ensuring a smooth and efficient transition.

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