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Eko Power® 320
High pH Membrane Cleaner For Biofilms

Pink Hexagon Process Diagram.png

High pH formulation for excellent system clean-up and effective even in low concentratiion

Removes oils, silica scales, organic matters and bio-foulants

Low foaming cleaner for ease of use in recirculation method.

Excellent dispersing properties for quick and easy removal of soil.

Eko Power 320 is a high pH Membrane Cleaner and an alkaline liquid product for cleaning contaminants like oils, organic compounds, silica scales, biological slimes, and films from RO/NF/UF membranes.

Eko Power 320 is high pH Membrane Cleaner that also contains organic dispersants that help to break down colloidal clay deposits and impart better efficacy to biocides by penetrating films.



Concentrated cleaner

Cost effective

Easy to use and handle for its liquid state


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