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Pink Food

Non-Chlorinated Food Grade
Foam Cleaner & Disinfectant

Eko Power® 7CD is a high-performance & food grade detergent-disinfectant specially formulated  for cleaning applications in the food, beverage and dairy industriesIt is an alkaline non-chlorinated foam cleaner and disinfectant meant for daily use in the food, beverage, and dairy industry. It can be used for general purposes too.


EKO POWER 7CD stands as a pinnacle of advanced sanitization technology, meticulously crafted to meet the stringent demands of food and dairy industries. Our formula is a concentrated blend of surface-active biocides, surfactants, alkaline builders, and sequestering agents, meticulously engineered to deliver unparalleled cleaning and disinfecting capabilities.

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Micro Efficacy report

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Effective cleaning of blood stains, animal fat and protein.

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Removes food soils including vegetable fats.


Prevents the build-up of Protein film.


Removes the stains of organic vegetables and fruits.

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Designed to clean Floor, walls, cutting tables, packing fillers, and conveyors.


Deep cleans heavy fatty and proteinaceous soiled industries.

A perfect combination of surface-active agents and Quat makes the 7CD Plus a perfect cleaner and disinfectant. Effective on a wide range of proteins, animal fat, and food soils including vegetable fats also removes the stains of organic vegetables. Highly recommended to be used in heavy fatty and proteinaceous soiled industries. Suitable to use for Floor cleaning, walls, cutting tables, packing fillers, and conveyor cleaning.


Effective for removal of heavy fats, and proteins.

Effective in removal of stains.

Prevents build up of Protein film.

Effective though used in hard water.

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