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Milk Analyser Cleaner Solution

EcoCare's Eko Day®, Eko Week®, and Eko Power® are registered trademarks of EcoCare Technologies. These are original and genuine milk analyzer cleaner solution.


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Effective for removal of heavy fats, and proteins.

Effective in removal of stains.

Prevents build up of Protein film.

Effective though used in hard water.


Ecocare's Eko Day® is an original and genuine milk analyzer cleaner. It is used daily.
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EcoCare's Eko Week® is an acidic milk analyzer cleaner safe for all types of milk analyzers. It is used weekly.
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EcoCare's Eko Power® is an acidic cleaner for cleaning of heavily contaminated ultrasonic sensors from milk stone deposits.

Eko Power 200ml Cleaner - Amazon
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