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DTPMP (Diethylenetriamine pentamethylene phosphonic acid


At Ecocare, we understand that efficiency is crucial in water treatment. DTPMP stands as a game-changer in this regard. Its unique molecular structure enables exceptional chelation, dispersion, and sequestration capabilities, ensuring efficient removal of scale and corrosion-causing elements from water systems. With DTPMP, you can experience improved heat transfer efficiency, reduced energy consumption, and increased operational lifespan of equipment, translating into significant cost savings for your water treatment operations.

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DTPMP: An Adaptable Chelating Substance for the Chemical Sector

Diethylenetriamine penta, or methylene phosphonic acid, or DTPMP, is a multipurpose chelating agent that finds widespread application in the chemical industry.

Cheating Expertise:

Rich with five phosphonate groups, DTPMP forms stable compounds with metal ions in solution through strong binding and helps overcome the problem posed by calcium and magnesium ions present in water.
Important Uses: Scale and corrosion inhibition: In cooling water systems, boilers, and industrial pipes, DTPMP inhibits the formation of mineral scales and shields metals from corrosion. Textile industry: It ensures consistent coloring and keeps the fabric from discoloring by acting as a dispersing agent for dyes and pigments.


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