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Eko Power® 520
Inhibits & Removes Bacteria, ALGAE Fungi, Organic Growth

Biofouling is inevitable in every membrane system; however, using Eko Power 520 you can minimize the impact of bio growth on the operation of your RO system. The right biocide program can reduce your need for membrane cleaning, reducing your overall cost of operation. Our  Eko Power 520 is membrane safe and can be used online or offline.

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Eko Power 520 is a blend of high-performance non-oxidizing biocides, that helps in keeping away biofouling and the formation of biofilms in the membrane. It is a safe and biodegradable biocide that is effective against a wide spectrum of micro-organisms & requires a low dosage level for accelerated response followed by gradual action for effective removal of algae, fungi, and bacteria. Biofouling of RO membrane can result in various severe problems such as poor and contaminated permeate quality, reduced flow rate, increase in power, and reduced productivity.


Concentrated solution.

Totally chlorine free


Safe and simple to use.


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