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Tierd of deposition of protein, fat etc. and other unwanted microbes found in your production area.

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

What is Eko Power CF 312? Eko Power CF 312 is an alkaline cleaner that is used for cleaning hard-to-remove soils from food. It is used often in the food processing industry and is a foaming, chlorinated cleaner for deeper sanitizing.

Product Description CF 312 is Daily use foaming Chlorinated Cleaner, in the food, beverage, and dairy industry. It can be used for general purposes and used to remove protein, fat, and grease as well as many cooked on soils found in the food processing environment. CF 312 can also be used through wall-mounted stations, portable tanks, or central foaming stations. Key Properties & Benefits. A balanced blend of surface-active agents with caustic alkali, sequestrant, and Hypochlorite. It reduces the free energy of the system by replacing the bulk molecules of higher energy at an interface. By reducing the interfacial tension and forming micelles, surfactants have shown many environmental applications including enhanced oil recovery, removal of heavy metals from contaminated soil, and remediation of hydrophobic organic compounds from soil [2–4]. They are used in environmental applications to enhance the solubility of organic or inorganic components for soil washing or flushing. Typical desirable properties include solubility enhancement, surface tension reduction, and low Critical Miscelles Concentration (CMC). Effective on a wide range of blood, proteins, animal fat such as Meats that have been processed such as bacon, sausage and bologna contain high amounts of saturated fat and food soils including vegetable fats. Just like animal fats, vegetable fats are mixtures of triglycerides. Soybean oil, grape seed oil, and cocoa butter are examples of seed oils or fats from seeds. The presence of Chlorine removes the stains of organic vegetables which can completely remove all the harmful elements and reduce the intake of it in the human body. It prevents the build-up of Protein film. Protein adsorption and protein fouling can cause major problems in the food industry (particularly the Dairy Industry) when proteins from food adsorb to processing surfaces, such as Stainless Steel or plastic. Protein fouling is the gathering of protein aggregates on a surface. This is most common in heating processes that create a temperature gradient between the equipment and the bulk substance being heated In protein-fouled heating equipment, adsorbed proteins can create an insulating layer between the heater and the bulk material, reducing heating efficiency. Suitable to use for Floor cleaning, walls, cutting tables, packing fillers, and conveyor cleaning. STAY TUNED FOR MORE INFORMATION AND UPDATES.... Connect with us at EcoCare Technologies Pvt Ltd #foodindustry #fnb #information #industrial #dairyindustry #cleaningproducts #hygienesolutions #chemicalindustry

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